Public Safety

Assemblywoman Quijano is known as the champion for public safety in the State of New Jersey. Her reputation has earned her the title of Chairwoman of the Assembly Homeland Security and State Preparedness Committee. Consequently, homeland security concerns will always be at the top of Quijano’s agenda; listening to the needs of law enforcement, fire fighters, and the public safety sector here in New Jersey. One of her benchmark legislation calls New Jersey to grant driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants where the bill is designed to improve public safety on New Jersey roads since it will make certain that all people on the road are appropriately tested and licensed and are driving vehicles that are registered and insured. Read more here:

Other sponsored legislation creates a task force on Distracted Driving, and another prohibits the manufacture, sale, or installation of counterfeit or nonfunctional air bags in motor vehicles. When it comes to gun safety, Quijano religiously sponsors bills that calls to impose stricter background checks on private gun sales.

More recent public safety legislation that Assemblywoman Quijano sponsored include the following:

Quijano sponsored a law which improves internal communication on campus safety by requiring college presidents to issue reports on campus crimes and fires. Quijano believes that students and faculty at New Jersey colleges and universities have a right to peace of mind as they learn, live, and work on campus. Read more here:

Furthermore, Quijano sponsored a bill to protect consumers by improving New Jersey’s public utility infrastructure. Superstorm Sandy caused severe hardship for New Jersey and as while we recover, Quijano believes we should look for ways to mitigate the potential for damage, which includes improving New Jersey’s infrastructure to prevent power outages and improving communication between residents and utility companies about outages so people can plan better. Read more here: