Women Issues & Domestic Abuse

As the first woman to ever represent the 20th Legislative District, Assemblywoman Quijano takes women’s issues and domestic abuse very seriously.

One of the top women’s issues that Quijano championed and was signed into law is her legislation establishing a commission to examine sexual assault on college campuses. For many students, college is a rite of passage to entering the professional world. Sadly, many of them will become victims of sexual assault during their college years. To Quijano, this is unacceptable, and looks forward to the Campus Sexual Assault Commission’s report and recommendations on how to make it easier to report abuse, and prevent it in the future. Read more here.

Another bill that demonstrates Quijano’s commitment to women’s issues is her legislation to mandate the disclosure of the ingredients in menstrual products like tampons and pads. In response to national recalls of feminine products, she introduced a bill that would require companies disclose not only what the products are made of, but also the chemicals that are used in production, some of which may cause cancer or other health issues. Read more here.