Worker's Rights

Assemblywoman Quijano believes workers’ rights are almost synonymous with human rights, as both need to be fought for vigorously to make sure workers’ obtain the proper wages and benefits for their hard work in the State of New Jersey. Quijano knows that there is a gap between the number of people who are eligible for leave benefits and the number of people who actually sign up for them. To tackle it, a Quijano-sponsored bill that became law required workers in New Jersey with online access to have access to a comprehensive webpage outlining their leave benefits in order to raise awareness. The law directly instructed the Department of Labor and Workforce Development to maintain a webpage with information regarding family leave benefits, temporary disability benefits, and any rights provided by law for employees to return to work after leave. Read more here:

Worker’s rights are not always fought for in the present; Quijano recently sponsored a bill to help more New Jersey workers save for retirement. Quijano believes that offering security and peace of mind to workers without a current retirement plan will pay dividends in the future, both for workers and the state’s economy as a whole. Read more here: