Worker's Rights


Assemblywoman Quijano believes that government has an important role in ensuring that workers have a fair and safe workplace, receive the wages and benefits that they are owed, and new programs are created that afford greater social safety nets for workers and

Assemblywoman Quijano recently passed legislation to expand the paid family leave program, which will allow more workers to take time off of work to care for a loved one who needs it. Read more here

In addition, she is working on legislation to prevent wage theft, which is an unscrupulous business practice that deprives working people of their agreed upon wages. Watch Quijano on Wage theft here

Quijano was also a co-sponsor on recent legislation, now law, that will put wages in New Jersey on a path to $15 per hour for most workers, creating an earned sick leave program, and the Secure Choice Savings Program, which will create a state sponsored mobile retirement plan for workers in jobs that do not offer retirement savings plan.